The Annabella Park and Recreation Committee consists of five members, each appointed for a term of five years.  The Park and Recreation Committee meets on as "as needed" basis and is the advisory board to the Town Council, responsible for providing guidance and direction concerning the following matters:
  1. Comprehensive park planning;
  2. The acquisition of land and/or other facilities for parks and recreation facilities:
  3. Development, design and operation of parks and recreation programming and facilities;
  4. Facility use fees and procedures;
  5. Park, play field and facility design;
  6. Contracts, interlocal agreements and lease agreements regarding parks and recreation activities;
  7. All matters as may, from time to time, be referred to the Parks and Recreation Commission by the Town Council.

Member:                 Term Expires
Dan Cranney, Chair
 Lana Cranney
Sallee Jolley
 Dell Jolley
 Brad Powell