Annabella is a beautiful small town nestled at the base of Cove Mountain.  2010 was special year in Annabella's history because it had been 100 years since we were incorporated as a town. 

A little about Annabella's history...
In the spring of 1871, two families left from nearby towns which had previously been settled and traveled along the valley unti lthey reached a place called "Omni Point".  Here they became the first settlers of our beautiful town that was to become known as Annabella.  It is said that Annabella is named after the first two women who lived here, Anna Roberts and Isabella Dalton.

On Febraury 1, 1910, the citizens of the town met and appointed J.W. Fairbanks, J.S. Emmet, and Royal H. Barney Jr. to make arrangements for the incorporation of the town.  On February 16, 1910, the first Annabella Town Board meeting was held with the following persons having been appointed to act until the municipal election to be held in 1911:  J.W. Fairbanks, President; Herbert Gleave, Joseph F. Staker, and Royal H. Barney as Board Members.

Since that time the following have served as Town Presidents/Mayors:

A.D. Nebeker                  1912-1919

Samuel A. Kay                1920-1923
Paris L. Fillmore              1924-1925
Royal H. Barney              1926-1927
Glen W. Thurston           1928-1931
Alfred E. Gauchat           1932-1935
Peter H. Christensen        1936-1937
John B. Staker                 1938-1939
Glen W. Thurston           1940-1943
W. Bliss Daniels              1944-1945
Glen Bradley                   1946-1947
Glen W. Thurston           1948-1953
J.L. Gleave                      1954-1957
W. Bliss Daniels              1958-1963
L.A. Nebeker                  1964-1965
Larry J. Gleave                1966-1969
P.M. Daniels                   1970-1973
Elwin Hoyle                    1974-1985
Noel Torgerson               1986-1993
Rex Friant                       1994-1997
Randa Hawley                 1998-2001
Dale Albrecht                  2002-2013
Brent Christensen            2014-present

Annabella Town Office   

295 East 300 North
PO Box 175
Annabella, UT  84711

435-896-6571  (phone)
435-896-4369  (fax)

Sweet Home Annabella